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Tandem is Magic !

The First Jump…It was not about jumping out of an airplane at 10,000ft. It was not the 30 seconds of birdlike flying, neither was it this pure high of falling at 180kms/hr. It was more. It was Freedom. the fulfillment. the Joy of accomplishment. It was the perfect expression of my disdain for the routine. It was the moment I was waiting for all my life. It was the Dream I had dreamt when I was a Kid ‘to fly like the Birds’. Truly speaking It was just insane. But when I walked away after that jump I knew somethings had changed. It was a 30 second magic.

18000 Feet record!

After 30 years of skydiving, Lesley Gale decided to seek out an extra challenge for her life. “ I ‘ve been skydiving for precisely 30 years. Your first hop is dependably the hardest. In case you’re not stressed on your first bounce, then you presumably haven’t understood what you’re doing. Be that as it may, the drawback of experience is that you lose a portion of the apprehensive fervor that made you cherish skydiving in any case. I figure that is the reason we search out additional difficulties, for example, a world record hop – to get back that reckoning of your first bounce, when the weight was truly on. “


Bill Booth

Father of Tandem Jump

In 1972, Bill Booth started the Relative Workshop in a Miami garage. In the late 1970s Bill made two major contributions to the world of skydiving. First he invented and patented the Hand Deployed Pilot Chute System, which soon changed the sport forever.

Your First !! Lose it to skydive

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Currently in India, Delhi:

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A Tandem Jump is the quickest and easiest way to feel the thrill of freefall. No previous experience is required, as you will be securely attached to one of our world-class instructors who will guide you through the whole experience.
Tandem skydiving is most popular for beginners.  In Tandem jump, participant is connected via a harness to the instructor. The instructor guides the participant through the whole jump from exit through free fall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The participant needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jumping is carried out at 10,000 – 11,000 ft.Few Hours of training is required for participant.

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Tandem Jump 3 hours incl. Training ₹ 35,000 BOOK NOW
Static Line 1 Jump 3 Days incl. Training ₹ 23,000 BOOK NOW
Static Line 4 Jump 3 Days incl. Training ₹ 59,000 BOOK NOW
USPA (A) Licence Courses 15-17 Days with 3 Days Training* ₹ 5,20,000 BOOK NOW
HOP & POP Jump Ticket As and When ₹ 4000 at 4k ft, thereafter ₹ 1000 for every 1000 ft. BOOK NOW

getting airborne



Skydiving is sensitive to weather. If the conditions are not perfect, your experience may take a little longer.


Alcohol & Drugs

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol and / or Drugs in your system 24 Hours Before Making Tandem Skydive for your Safety.


You Must be atleast 18yrs of age(By gregorian calendar),Please come with a valid ID.Tandem medical Statement for over 60.



For your Convenience we offer an Online reservation System.



Wear Athletic and comfortable clothes , sneakers / sport shoes.No Sandals , boots or High Heels . No Sleeveless Shirts , only T Shirts with Short and Long Sleeves.


No Scuba

Please do not Scuba Dive , 24 hours before Tandem Skydive.


You MUST be within weight limit of 80 kgs (with Clothes and Shoes ) or you will not be permitted to Tandem Skydive.



We accept Cash (Local Currency) and Credit Cards (Visa and Master Cards) – EMI Option Available.
You can also book a slot by paying an Advance Token amount of INR 5000. For More Info Please Call 1800-3002-5867



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