We know safety matters to you. But do you know safety matters to us more?

The Foundation of our Dream to make skydive into an ‘accessible everyday sport’ in India starts with safety. Safety is right at the heart of our organisation. We believe that Safety is not just our responsibility but our lifeline and We have thus committed ourselves to ensure the highest level of safety abiding with international standards across the board set by United states Parachute association(USPA) – the worlds pioneering body in skydive governance.

Now recording over four years of accident free and injury free skydive operations in India we believe that we are one step closer to this dream, defining and laying the foundation for an all new sporting category in India.

Everything that matters in skydive!

Accredited as official Group members of United states parachute association - the worlds pioneering body in skydive governance

Why it matters ?

The vast experience amassed by USPA, with over 67 years (since 1957) in skydive operations and governance, the safety standards kept by USPA has withstood the test of time and thus is considered most reliable. USPA records 24 fatalities in 2013 of 3.2 million jumps(

In other words as they say, that’s like getting hit by a lightning when you walk on the street .

USPA established the Group Member Program as a way for skydiving schools, clubs and centers to affiliate with USPA and pledge adherence to USPA’s Basic Safety Requirements thus mandating our company to be governed by USPA safety standards.

Corey Parker our USPA appointed Safety and training advisor (S&TA) ensures bank grade safety checks

Why it matters ?

An S&TA helps as safety monitor - Our S&TA is the skydive specialist and advisor who verifies rating renewal requirements and issues license tests.

An S&TA keeps our safety standards at par with USPA and world standards - acting is also our direct link to the Regional Director and USPA headquarters keeping us up-to-date on our

We Hire Only international USPA (United states parachute association) licensed Tandem instructors with high experience Graham, Alish ,Corey parker and Evginy are currently on our instructor panel

Why it matters ?

We realised that an International USPA(United states Parachute association) licensed instructors trained and groomed with international standards are extremely diligent and well versed with international safety procedures- You can think of it like a driver trained and groomed to drive in Germany is much more cautious and is habituated to ensure high safety standard culture.

Our FAA(united states- Federal Aviation Administration) specialist riggers ensure precision packing of reserve parachutes

Why it matters ?

Just like a we call a heart specialist for a heart surgery, packing of the reserve or emergency parachute is also equally delicate and requires high precision, thus a specialist trained and licensed by FAA(Federal aviation administration)specifically to pack reserve parachutes are called in to ensure highest precision.

Our training regime employs the United States Parachute Association(USPA) 'safety training program tried and tested over decades.

Why it matters ?

With this vast experience of 67 years under its belt, USPA has evolved a sound training module to ensure highest safety that is tried and tested over years and more than 40 million jumps in the last 10 years by USPA (i.e. about 28 Lakh jumps every year). Each USPA jump holder’s skydive reflects the skydive training standards set by USPA. Thus our company has pledged to follow the best in the industry without any compromise.

The Military prescribed high tensile Muscle memory Training ensures sharp and sound reactions even during high stress situations.

Why it matters ?

The military is known for its intensive and high tensile training program. The reason is so that skydive aspirants are sharp even during high stress circumstances. Our program tries to knit this style of training to ensure sharp and quick responses even during high pressure situations

Use of interactive learning enablers ensure a steep learning curve and high retention - such as videos-demo and practice sessions and on ground training.

Why it matters ?

An interactive learning process is much more memorable and calls for an active participation of the skydive aspirants. Thus ensuring high awareness and recall.

The bad news is that there is no such thing as cheap safe quality equipment. So we ensure that we spend that money to ensure high quality parachute rigs and gear

Why it matters ?

High quality Parachuting equipment purchased from world renowned brands such as Sigma, wings, Mirage and Icarus.This ensures superior quality parachutes and higher reliability.

Each system is Equipped with a Main parachute and a reserve parachute as an alternative canopy, each installed with separate landing controls.

Each of our Parachute Rig is installed with Cypress, the best-known Automatic Activation device (AAD)

Why it matters?

In cases of emergencies an AAD fires and deploys the parachute at a certain altitude and speed ensuring there is a canopy on top of your head even if you are unconscious in your fall.

Cypress – the worlds leading brand for AAD holds a Zero failure record thus each of our parachute Rigs are installed with CYPRESS to ensure high precision and accuracy deployment.

The Aircraft ‘VT-MEH’ used is aligned and accredited by DGCA specifically for Skydive operations.

Why it matters ?

The Aircraft is subjected to the highest degree of inspections like weight balance ratios, passenger safety checks with approvals and permissions from the highest authority- Directorate general of civil Aviation (DGCA) specifically mandated for aerial works and skydiving ensuring airworthiness and skydive operations.

The 50 hour regulatory maintenance checks ensures continued fitness and airworthiness of the aircraft.

Why it matters ?

After every 50 hours of flying and is officially recorded as per DGCA guidelines to ensure high aircraft safety.

A No fly zone issued by Airports authority of India (AAI) ensures zero interference from any air traffic during the hours of skydive operations

Why it matters?

Airspace clearances mandates a ‘No fly’ zone in the skydive zone, clearing all air traffic ensuring a safe airspace condition during the period of skydive operations.